ballboy.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that pulls a player's shots from Dribbble and marks them up on the current page.

After being invited to Dribbble and having a successful debut shot there I started thinking about how I could give back to the community. I saw a few different designers using their Dribbble shots on their personal portfolio pages and so the idea for ballboy.js was formed.

It seemed to me that including your own dribbble shots on your own website should be really easy. That way you can keep all of your project showcases in one spot, organized and hosted by a third party who excels at that sort of thing. When included on a page, ballboy.js grabs your shots from dribbble and adds them to the page. It's easy to use and requires minimal configuration to use.

The dribbble api is so good that the hardest part of this project was coming up with the name.