Bryan Potter

Front-end developer

A little about me

I started making websites for fun 5 years ago, and I'm still excited to be doing it full-time. I enjoy the challenge of creating complex and responsive layouts using just CSS3, and cleanly-written, maintainable code makes me smile.

I can use almost any language or framework, but my two favorites are Python and Ruby on Rails. I wish there was such a thing as Python on Rails, but then maybe you'd have to call it Pyth-on Rails and some people probably wouldn't get it and would be all confused.

Anyway, I live and work in Denver, and I love this city. When I'm not making awesome websites you can find me outside climbing rocks or riding a longboard.


On-demand food delivery web application


Blackbird Air

A responsive marcom site for a San Francisco startup


Singletrack Painting

A responsive site for a painting & contracting startup.



ballboy.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that pulls a player's shots from Dribbble and marks them up on the current page.